Business Support Services


Many smaller companies believe that outsourcing is a cost cutting measure and consequently, a competitive advantage. Such outsourced assignments are of two types - (a) Accounting on-site at the place of the company (b) Accounting off-site at our offices. The firm has necessary infrastructure and trained manpower to undertake such assignments.  

Project Financing

The Viability of the project, nature of funding, quantum of funding, terms and conditions of sanction, the type of financial institution to approach all these are issues that the business enterprises grapple with. We undertake to provide the professional support to these enterprises in showcasing their value to the banks and financial institutions and bring together these institutions and the promoter.  

Due Diligence Review

This review is imperative in takeovers /large investments. These reviews encompass Financial, Business and Legal Perspective. It provides an insight in to the business enterprise - their financial position defining the weaknesses, areas of deployment of funds etc, Business Position in terms of their market share, brand equity etc and Legal position in terms of the litigations, tax demands, Civil and Criminal matters that the company is in to. This exercise would precede the takeovers, Investments.  

Design of Accounting & Other Control Systems

The business houses need discipline in their operations. This can be ensured only by proper systems in place, that are easy to operate and also provide, vital MIS to the Management. These controls have to be built at a nascent stage of an enterprise so that they internalize these controls as they grow and managing growth becomes easier. Information flow in respect of Costing and other Administrative functions are imperative for cost reduction programs to provide an edge at the market place. Authorization levels help responsibility fixation and also identification of concerns.